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    POWER CONVERTER 50Hz to 60Hz or 60Hz to 50Hz


    ELX33 series three phase Power Converter offers advanced technology that increase performance and reliability:

    three high speed DSPs with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power s...

  2. Element Fitness Training Lockers

    Element Fitness Training Lockers are standard shipping containers custom-fabricated to anchor Element Fitness training rigs and store the equipment necessary to create world-class multi-modality training fitness centers.

  3. Mobile tactical training camp

    The mobile tactical training camp converts into a portable pull-up rack and Olympic Lifting Stand with monkey bars and dip bars - it has room to carry battle ropes, bodyweight straps, rings, and a variety of other fitness accessories for making a ...

  4. OctoRig Tactical

    Functional training rig for physical conditioning and fitness, that allows setting up the obstacle course for personnel. This rig will perfectly fit for competitions, circle training, creation of various obstacles or training in groups up to 40 pe...

  5. Radionect

    Radio-centric networked communication platform

  6. Shooting targets and bullet ...

    High-class targets for military units. We build targets, poppers, and bullet receivers to accommodate rimfire handguns and machine guns. Fully Latvia-made product.

  7. Generator rent

    Our rental generator range offers solutions with power ranking from 1kW up to 1MW.