Anti-spall coating PX-2100

Line-X Baltic

The flexibility and absorption that LINE-X Spall Liner offers when applied to armoured panels eradicates the splintering effect by cushioning the impact and entrapping the fractured elements. PAXCON spall lining is currently being used on armoured vehicles in conjunction with Dyneema and similar armoured panels which is significantly lighter and more cost effective than armouring with steel plates.


Other Spall Liner applications include the coating of Breastplates and Gun Turrets. PAXCON Spall Liner is currently being used on both the strike side and reverse side of Dyneema, Ceramic and Armour Plated panels.


PAXCON PX-2100 is the only polyurethane material that has received certificated testing by H.P White Labs in accordance to STANAG 4569 III and NIJ III. The result from these tests showed that PX-2100 sprayed over armour plating at 6mm thick completely prevented every bullet from spalling.

•Anti Spall & Fragmentation Containment
•Extreme Abrasion Resistance
•Rust & Corrosion Protection
•Custom Colours
•Proven History on Military Applications
•Extensive Lab & Spall Testing

PAXCON® is a range of spray applied protective coatings developed by the LINE-X to protect against acts of terror. The PAXCON® range include PX-3350, a blast mitigation protective coating and PX-2100, a spall liner used to prevent both mechanical spalling and antitank warfare.

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