SAF Tehnika

Aranet is an end-to-end wireless IoT ecosystem. The complete solution consists of wireless sensors, a base station, and the Aranet Cloud. Each sensor transmits data to the Aranet base station over the 868 MHz or 920 MHz license free frequency bands. The Aranet base station is equipped with a storage for up to 10 years of data, a web server, LAN and WiFi connections. Additionally, the Aranet Cloud service allows multiple base station support for large scalability.


Here’s a one minute video explaining how the system works: .


The Aranet IoT ecosystem can be used to wirelessly measure multiple parameters like temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, ammonia concetation, light and many others. Alarms can be set via thresholds, to inform you when something has gone wrong and action must be taken. Easy access to historical data helps to keep records so you don't have to do it manually. You can also integrate Aranet data into existing systems.


You can only improve what you can measure. Choose the easyest to use measurment system on the market, to facilitate your improvements. Choose Aranet!

Manufacturer information

SAF Tehnika is among the world’s top microwave
carrier-class point-to-point data transmission equipment
manufacturers and distributors. Originally incorporated and
having its headquarters in Northern Europe, SAF Tehnika
has become a global company within just a decade,
covering all relevant market segments in more than 130
countries worldwide. SAF products are ISO 9001:2008
certified and correspond to the major industry standards
such as ETSI, FCC, and Industry Canada.
The company’s product portfolio covers most licenced and
licence-free frequency bands within the range of 300MHz-
38GHz with capacities of up to 10 Gigabit full-duplex. SAF
Tehnika has also created the world’s smallest spectrum
analyzer - Spectrum Compact analyzers and solutions for
wireless environmental monitoring under the brand name
SAF Tehnika is committed to the production and delivery of
customer-adapted wireless solutions at a competitive price,
while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Company’s shares are publicly traded in NASDAQ Riga
stock exchange (SAF1R).