Power supply unit 230VAC / 27 VDC 600W


Power supply unit 230VAC / 27 VDC 600W is designed to provide the 27 VDC power supply for military radios or other equipment that requires a 27 VDC power supply.

  • Input voltage - 50...260 VAC (output power is reduced at an input voltage lower than 200VAC);
  • Energy conversion efficiency - 86...90%;
  • Output voltage - 27.6V +/- 0.1%
  • Output voltage noises and pulses - <30 mVrms;
  • Maximum load current - 30A;
  • Ambient temperature from -25 to +40 degC (at temperature +40...+70 degC the output power is reduced);
  • Output "-" is connected to housing;
  • Compliance with EN60335-2-29+A2 Electrical Safety Standard and EN55022B, EN50081-1, EN50082-2 Electromagnetic Radiation Standards.

Manufacturer information

„BELSS” Ltd. is a wide profile company that operates since 1994 and is a member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce, Latvian Telecommunication association and Latvian quality association. We offer and provide our customers a full range of services from simple consultation to complex technical projects.

“BELSS” Ltd. is ensuring services and products supply in the field of Defence and Security for more than 10 years by cooperating with Ministry of Defence of Republic of Latvia, National Armed Forces, The State Police of Latvia, The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau and others.

“BELSS” Ltd. represent and co-operate with various world leading companies, as “Motorola Solutions” - official representative in Latvia for more than 10 years, “Qual-Tron Inc.” – official representative in Latvia, “ECA Group” – official representative in Latvia, “Radmor S.A.” – official representative in Latvia, “Bren-Tronics Inc.”, “DAMM”, “Rhode&Schwarz” and others.

Fields of activity

Company’s core direction of operation is a telecommunication equipment sales, installation, maintenance and repair.

In recent years SIA „BELSS” develops and strengthens civil engineering and construction fields of operation, by expanding participation in infrastructure construction and reconstruction projects.

Main operation activities:

  • Delivery, installation, technical support and maintenance of “Motorola” radio communication equipment;
  • Delivery, installation, maintenance, system design and installation of wireless telecommunication equipment;
  • Engineering design and consulting for the efficient solution development;
  • Construction of engineering networks;
  • Construction and installation of telecommunication towers, mast and base stations.