Ballistic coating for bomb shelters

Line-X Baltic

As a blast mitigation coating, PAXCON flexes and absorbs energy released from an explosion. Critical buildings can be coated to help protect personnel against fragmentation caused by a bomb blast. Walls coated by PAXCON will flex and fragment in the event of an explosion but will hold together preventing injury from high-speed debris. Due to its chemical composition and application process, it will adhere to almost any structural material, at any angle.

Why PAXCON works?

Un-reinforced concrete walls shatter at 15-30 kN/m2 blast pressure. PAXCON is sprayed on the exterior and/or interior of the supporting walls and is touch dry in seconds. PAXCON coating has very high tensile strength and high ductility. Result - wall fragments contained up to 550+ kN/m2 blast pressure. Standoff distance is decreased by 80% - it`s the distance at which expolsion occours and damage is mitigated. Coated structures and connections of various elements become completely hermetic.


PAXCON can be applied to numerous types of structural materials:

•    Wood
•    Steel
•    Plasterboard
•    Concrete
•    Brick
•    Block
•    And more


•    Recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense for high levels of protection
•    Outperformed 27 competitors in simulated tests
•    Utilized on the U.S. Pentagon (2002)
•    Tested and Accepted by Stone Security Engineering, P.C. and Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (Stone-OBL, LLC).


•    Fast Installation
•    Cost Saving Relative to Other Technologies
•    Proven Effective Based on Empirical and Live Blast Testing
•    Retro-fit or New-build
•    Environmentally Safe and Can Be Applied While a Building is Occupied


PAXCON by LINE-X has been put through numerous blast tests to make sure we can offer you the most efficient application for blast-mitigation. At Line-X Baltic, we work directly with blast experts to calculate the perfect package for your requirements. Contact us for additional information and blast-mitigation solutions.

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