Electrical supply

Citrus Solutions

We have considerable experience in electrical supply – we have designed and constructed electricity for such important facilities as data centres, where there are especially high requirements for electrical supply. We provide electrical supply in strategically important facilities – we design, build, and maintain any level of complexity of middle and low-voltage exterior networks (cable tracks, transformer stations) and interior networks (lighting, continuous supply equipment, backup supply equipment, generators, automatic backup equipment, splitting systems, and power networks).

Full development cycle in one place. From consultations to construction and maintenance.


Manufacturer information

Citrus Solutions LTD is one of the leading engineering system construction companies in Latvia and is a part of Tet group LTD, the shareholders of which are Republic of Latvia (51%) and Telia Sonera (49%). Citrus Solutions LTD was established in 2005 and it operates in markets of Latvia and Germany.


Citrus Solutions LTD offers for its customers the most suitable engineering solutions for their business in different fields. Citrus Solutions performs solutions of telecommunication infrastructures and building management systems, external and internal electrical power networks, designing and construction of data centres, designing, construction and maintenance of heating, ventilation, water supply and conditioning systems. According to customers’ needs Citrus Solutions offer integrated solutions, including a complete spectrum of infrastructure creation and development services – starting with the evaluation of the existing situation and designing, and ending with the project realisation and maintenance. Citrus Solutions also performs civil construction works in a role of general contractor.  

In order to provide for the customers the necessary service range, Citrus Solution has concluded cooperation agreements with partners on delivery of equipment, cables, systems and technical materials, as well as on performance of construction works. Within one offer for the customers there are also offered packages of various equipment, designing and construction of telecommunication, electric power supply and other infrastructures. 

Projects, realized by Citrus Solutions, reflects the Society’s ability to integrate different solutions, as well as to control a construction of a full spectrum engineering networks, which includes also provision of complicated engineering equipment in a construction site. Administration of complicated integrated projects and ability to get adjusted individually to customer’s variable needs, especially offering the best solutions and alternatives during the project realization is also appreciated by customers.