Element Fitness Training Lockers


Element Fitness Training Lockers are standard shipping containers custom-fabricated to anchor Element Fitness training rigs and store the equipment necessary to create world-class multi-modality training centers. The Lockers can be customized to meet any training need and can be made in different sizes and inner shelving configurations with either standard or custom accessory

equipment packages.


Our Training Lockers are used extensively by the Latvian and Estonian military forces. Element Fitness Lockers expand the footprint and effectiveness of training facilities, create outdoor training options and provide fully deployable solutions to enable training in locations never before possible.


The Lockers are available with standard attachments (J-cups, safety

squat arms, dip bars, jump platforms, landmines and wall ball targets) and an accessory load of conditioning equipment such as battle ropes, climbing ropes, axle bars, farmer walk handles and much more.

Manufacturer information

Functional Training Equipment for indoor, outdoor and military purposes.