Fire Suppresion system (aerosol)


For military vehicles, fire remains among the greatest threats. BSAFETY install and offer solutions fire suppression systems for armoured vehicles, Humvees, APCs, warehouses and other key military assets. BSAFETY is able to support military applications by working with other pertinent bodies and research departments in order to safeguard military assets that were once considered to be too challenging or too costly to be protected.

We dedicate resources in order to advance our technology and find practical, effective and financially viable solutions to protect key military assets. Recent conflagrations have demonstrated that many vehicles were destroyed due to fire. Tactical Wheeled Vehicles demand light weight and compact systems which lead us to design and manufacture lightweight and compact fire suppression systems that are currently deployed in these and other military assets around the world.

Aerosol systems, compared to traditional fire extinguishing systems, are financially more viable in both the short and the long term. They above all are effective, efficient and robust while offering tremendous space and weight saving capabilities. Engineered for minimal weight and ease of integration, the system features high-speed detection, central alarm/control and compact fire suppressing units to enable custom application to virtually any military type of vehicle.

Manufacturer information

BSAFETY is a company that provides full-service fire safety services. We perform a fire safety system:

  • maintenance and repair
  • design
  • system construction