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FITS (Future Intelligent Transportation System) is an Articial Intelligence-based centralized and vendor-independent solution that ingests data from any road and transportation-related sensors, fuses it and helps manage the business decision workow based on the data processed; it also monitors the eet of sensors to ensure maximum data collection uptime and includes 24/7 monitoring center services.

All sensor data is processed with proprietary deep learning computer vision. It processes workow to detect, segment, classify, recognize and cross-correlate objects for multimedia data (e.g. to determine the class of the offending vehicle and recognize its number plate). As the next step, the specic data workow is applied to a particular activity (e.g. processing and issuing the speeding ticket, adjusting dynamic road signage readings based on meteorological inference from weather station data etc.) and required data is provided to any relevant agencies (e.g. the police for speed enforcement).

FITS is based on various modules:


In order to facilitate the management of and operations with various sensors produced by various vendors, we have created FITS HUB - a unified, vendor-independent management platform which is able to sort and process raw data and present it in a comprehensive and connected way so that the respective business logic can be applied in the most efficient manner.


FITS ITEMS is an integrated, vendor-independent system that offers image-based automatic violation inspection, analysis and overall process control to provide a cost-efficient service to law enforcement (portable, mobile, in-vehicle speed cameras, weigh-in-motion and red-light enforcement), quick data ingestion from all traffic violation sensors, using state-of-the-art Deep Neural Network for machine vision tasks, such as establishing the type, model, class, color, speed, weight etc. of a vehicle. 

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FITS TOLL is a fully automated and vendor-independent toll enforcement system, connected to different road sensors scanning passing vehicles, based on real-time visual data and providing sufficient information about both the traffic flow (vehicle type, time, location, country) and vehicle status (e.g. the owner has purchased Road User Charge and Insurance, paid for entering a Low Emission Zone, has passed Vehicle Safety Inspection, or performed other transportation-related check-ups), so that the necessary actions can be taken. 


FITS TRAFFIC is a new-generation traffic management platform that provides real-time data through using a live traffic camera, in order to help monitor and analyze passing vehicles by their number plate, type, model and color, along with searching for vehicles from a watch list and transmitting notifications in case it finds something odd.

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SQUALIO cloud consulting is a software development company that has been operating for 20 years and combines innovative, dedicated and certied IT professionals with in-depth experience and knowledge, creating Articial Intelligence solutions t for any industry and any need. Thanks to our dedicated team we are able to provide the full life-cycle of an IT system from the rst contact and design up to development, IT security testing, deployment and maintenance.

We cooperate closely with road administrations, border control, customs, police forces and administrations of various cities and municipalities.

SQUALIO cloud consulting uses up-to-date and state-of-the-art technologies, bringing innovative solutions to specic business models. Our technical specialists are highly qualied and certied, owning MCPD, MCSD, MCAD, MCTS, MCP, MCSA, ISTOB, CISSP, PRINCE2, ITIL, M_o_R, CISA, CEH etc.

We have extensive know-how in Microsoft Azure, AWS, .NET, MVC, ASP.NET, WindowsForms.NET, WCF, SOA, Java etc.

We are a Microsoft Gold partner and an active participant of the Co-Sell program.