SAF Tehnika

Powerful dual-core system for
5G network backbone deployment

SAF Tehnika meets another milestone on its way of consistent technological innovation. We are proud to announce our new dual core radio Integra-X, the newest member of full-outdoor radio product line. Integra-X incorporates two transceivers and two modem chains allowing this system to operate in native 2+0 XPIC mode, reaching maximum data transmission capacity up to 2.2 gigabits per second.

Manufacturer information

SAF Tehnika is among the world’s top microwave
carrier-class point-to-point data transmission equipment
manufacturers and distributors. Originally incorporated and
having its headquarters in Northern Europe, SAF Tehnika
has become a global company within just a decade,
covering all relevant market segments in more than 130
countries worldwide. SAF products are ISO 9001:2008
certified and correspond to the major industry standards
such as ETSI, FCC, and Industry Canada.
The company’s product portfolio covers most licenced and
licence-free frequency bands within the range of 300MHz-
38GHz with capacities of up to 10 Gigabit full-duplex. SAF
Tehnika has also created the world’s smallest spectrum
analyzer - Spectrum Compact analyzers and solutions for
wireless environmental monitoring under the brand name
SAF Tehnika is committed to the production and delivery of
customer-adapted wireless solutions at a competitive price,
while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Company’s shares are publicly traded in NASDAQ Riga
stock exchange (SAF1R).