Interactive online e-learning platform "Cloud Study"

Corporate Solutions

“Cloud Study” is a simple and easy to use IT security e-learning platform where professionals from different specialities can improve their IT security knowledges. In the begining of learning each professional completes a general knowledge test after which the platform develops an individual training program for each employee, so that the employee focuses on the topics where he has the lowest level of knowledge. "Cloud Study" IT security platform includes the following topics: Physical Person Dara security, E-mail security, Password security etc. Total of 10 training modules which is covering the most important IT security aspects. IT security content is regularly reviewed and updated with information on the latest threats and trends of IT security.

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Manufacturer information

Corporate Solutions is a business management technology group. Which consists of three companies:

Corporate Consulting is the leading technology and business management consulting company in Latvia.

Corporate Systems provide reliable IT services and solutions supporting customer needs.

Corporate Services combine the best competences and expertise in IT solutions of Corporate Solutions group.