Machine Translation for Safety and Defence Authorities by Tilde


Artificial intelligence technologies provide a secure translation platform for the efficiency of the work of security and defence authorities and access to multilingual information.


Technology security and installation

Technologies provide the highest data security standards allowing safe translation of confidential texts or documents. Tilde Technology data exchange and communication takes place via a secure encrypted channel (SSL). The translated texts or documents are neither saved nor analyzed on Tilde's MT platform. Documents and texts submitted for translation are deleted immediately after processing and cannot be restored. Tilde MT machine translation platform can be deployed in cloud resolution or in the secure infrastructure of the institution itself without the need to access the external outlet.

Technology Integration

  • Tilde MT Translation Portal - the possibility of translating the content of the website without losing its structure and appearance. The portal provides a translation environment for translation of texts and documents. Texts and documents are translated using machine neuron translation technologies. These technologies provide high-quality automated translation. Users can translate different documents (including Microsoft Office documents: Word, PowerPoint, Excel). The user uploads the document and gets full translation within seconds. Translated documents retain their original formatting and text layout.
  • Tilde MT website translator - allows you to integrate translation functionality into the institution's home page by providing an automatic translation of its content into the languages chosen accordingly. The content of the home page can only be maintained in one language, and the translation of the content will be provided by automatic translation.
  • Tilde MT e-mail translation plug-in (Microsoft Outlook) - Machine translation technologies can also be integrated into the e-mail system by providing instant translation of e-mails and attachments received and sent. Tilde MT e-mail translation plug-in is available in MS Outlook 365 and desktop version 2016-2019.

Manufacturer information

Tilde is a leading European language technology company. For over twenty years, we have created innovative products and services that enable languages in the digital era. We conduct cutting-edge research with partners from all over the world. Recently we have focused on artificial intelligence to develop new innovative translation tools, 3D/2D virtual assistants, and speech technologies.