Military fuel pouring spouts - for diesel and petrol


VALPRO Ltd. has developed pouring spout specifically for the military sector that facilitates refueling of any military vehicle.


  • Breathing channel will make pouring of the petrol smoother and faster. 20L fuel can can be emptied in approximetely 70 seconds;
  • Internal filter will protect engine from dirt and foreign bodies while pouring;
  • Flexible tube made of tin plated metal will ensure long life expectancy (can be painted according to technical specification);
  • Pouring spouts are available with two different diameters of end pipe to prevent misfuelling: 25 mm - for vehicles equipped with diesel fuel tanks; 20 mm - for vehicles equipped with petrol fuel tanks; 
  • Pouring spout automatically stops when the tank is full.

Manufacturer information

Quality. Reliability. Safety.


VALPRO SIA is one of the largest metal processing companies in The Baltic States with specialization in manufacturing of metal fuel cans, cylinders for fire extinguishers and other systems, as well as providing periodic inspection of gas cylinders.


For more than 55 years VALPRO SIA has offered the highest quality metal products and metal processing services to clients all around the world.


VALRPO SIA is one of Latvia’s leading export companies exporting 91% of its manufactured products to more than 33 countries. Company is well known and recognized expert in metal fuel can production both in commercial and military fields.


Metal fuel cans - Military Line


VALPRO SIA metal fuel cans for military field have been developed and produced by taking in the notice user experience in terms of military needs and requirements. 


So far more than one million metal fuel cans have been supplied to different NATO armies and related forces.


Long lasting, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, leak-proof, and vapor-proof construction!


Metal cylinders for fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers


VALPRO SIA has deep knowledge and wide portfolio for different cylinder solutions customizable for each customer.


Cylinders that are produced by VALPRO SIAare used in fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems proving the quality of cylinders by obtaining different international certificates. 


Inspection service


VALPRO SIA provides periodic gas cylinder inspection perfomring examination to seamless gas cylinders with capacity of 0.5 - 150 liters.


VALPRO SIA Inspection service was enclosed in the NANDO register of disclosed institutions of the European Union with number NB2243, conformity reassessment procedures according to the Directive of transportable pressure equipment 2010/35/EU.