Event Management System


The Event Management System is a modular system with the ability to securely integrate a variety of stationary and mobile sensors as well as external systems to gain a multi-faceted view of all activities occurring during the time of the mission. 


System user interfaces:a website and an individually-accessed application available on the Android platform. The system visualizes user and device-generated information on a map, as well as offers the functionality for textual information exchange. Access to the system is possible through smartphones, tablets, stationary computers, and laptops. 


Only authenticated users using two-factor authentication are able to log in to the system. 


The system's implemented sensors:GPS trackers, and the Intelligent System for Object Recognition (ISOR), which can also be integrated onto an unmanned aircraft (drone) platform. Other sensors can be added to the system based on individual requirements. 


Visualized information on the Event Management System:depending on the type, information is demonstrated in a variety of formats. Currently, the following information is demonstrated on the system, each through an individual layer:


  • Descriptive information about the mission related to the field: for example, the mission's location, closed territories (no-go zones, virtual minefields, etc.), zones for the expansion of forces, and other information.
  • The location of unmanned aircrafts, demonstrated in real-time.
  • The Intelligent System for Object Recognition (ISOR) layer demonstrating the detected object's (human) location with a photo image. 
  • The location of the origin of detected shots, using the ISOR sensor.
  • The location of GPS trackers.
  • Dynamic content created by system users in the field or linear format that characterize information related to the implementation of the mission.
  • Messages sent within the system. Multiple channels can be created for the exchange of information and the ability to modify accessibility according to mission requirements. 


User authorization:the system is created keeping multi-level access in mind, as well as the opportunity to simultaneously implement multiple parallel missions. All information that is registered in the system, either generated by users or by devices, is tied to a specific mission and is available only to authorized users, with a variety of access levels available.  

Manufacturer information

LMT is a mobile operator pushing the boundaries of mobile network solutions. It is simultaneously a technology integrator with a focus on innovative technology development, specifically leveraging the mobile network (IoT, 5G, 4G, Tactical LTE).

Our main competence is the integration of different communication systems into one joint situation awareness platform. We have developed our own platform which is enhanced with the use of AI (artificial intelligence) to perform initial data analysis for faster relevant data detection and communication, and is heightened by the opportunities provided by 5G network slicing.