Penguin C MIL Mk2

Edge Autonomy

The system is an upgraded Penguin C Mk1 system, which is in production from 2015. In 2020 original Penguin C aircraft went through an upgrade program and received a designation Mk2.


The upgraded aircraft has significantly extended flight endurance, longer radio link range and larger payload capacity. The Penguin C Mk2 MTOW is under the 25kg in Group 2 configuration and 28kg in Group 3 configuration. The aircraft is non-ITAR restricted, giving our global customers easy access to its capabilities.


The aircraft is designed for operation from unprepared sites, launched by a portable pneumatic catapult. Landing is achieved using a parachute recovery system. Penguin C Mk 2 UAS is designed to be operated by a crew of two people composed of a technician and an operator. The Penguin C Mk2 fixed-wing, UAS provides best-in-class performance, endurance, and cost-effectiveness for a fixed-wing tactical UAV.


Penguin C Mk2 has a unique swappable nose concept which allows the field replacement of payloads within seconds. The swappable nose has an integrated motor that adds additional roll stabilization to the payload as well as protects the payload during recovery. The swappable payload concept allows customers to conveniently integrate custom payloads into the Penguin C Mk2. See this video of the swappable nose concept.

Manufacturer information

UAV Factory is fully owned by AE Industrial Partners, a US-based private equity firm specializing in Aerospace, Defense & Government Services, Space, Industrial market.


Design and production facilities are located in Europe, Latvia. Factory tour can be seen here - following this link.


UAV Factory is one of the oldest companies in Europe specializing in tactical unmanned aircraft systems segment for both defense and commercial purposes. We also develop and produce subsystems, stabilized EO/IR payloads (for high demanding surveillance purposes), and accessories for the unmanned and manned aircraft industry.


The Penguin unmanned aircraft systems have been delivered to over 50 countries around the globe since 2009.