Penguin C MIL VTOL

Edge Autonomy

The VTOL version of the Penguin C Mk2 UAS is perfect for demanding operations such as takeoff and landing in variable terrains and even in 30-knot winds. The Penguin C VTOL small tactical unmanned aircraft has vertical takeoff and landing capability and extreme endurance for this class of aircraft.


Aircraft is using patented boom design with retractable covers to hide the vertical lift propellers in level flight. VTOL system in cruise mode and in vertical flight mode is shown in figures below. Such technology allows 20% drag reduction and therefore significantly longer endurance compared to existing systems.


This aircraft is optimized for gyro-stabilized day and night ISR payloads of 4 kg (9 lb) weight and a radio link range of up to 180 km. The aircraft is available in both Group 2 and Group 3 configurations. It also has a secondary payload bay.


Penguin C VTOL, like mentioned before, is built on the Mk2 base but with noticeable upgrades. It is worth mentioning that this system is a game-changer in the UAV market today. See this video for a much more detailed system preview.

Manufacturer information

UAV Factory is fully owned by AE Industrial Partners, a US-based private equity firm specializing in Aerospace, Defense & Government Services, Space, Industrial market.


Design and production facilities are located in Europe, Latvia. Factory tour can be seen here - following this link.


UAV Factory is one of the oldest companies in Europe specializing in tactical unmanned aircraft systems segment for both defense and commercial purposes. We also develop and produce subsystems, stabilized EO/IR payloads (for high demanding surveillance purposes), and accessories for the unmanned and manned aircraft industry.


The Penguin unmanned aircraft systems have been delivered to over 50 countries around the globe since 2009.