DAN Communications

Radionect Unified Nodes, RUNs

Edge gateways for integration of legacy two-way radios with IP technology. RUNs contain the fully capable switching engine and can be deployed in standalone or networked scenarios with no single point of failure. Network of RUNs enables uniting in one common radio communication space disparate radio networks situated in multiple locations, deployed in multiple frequency channels and bands, and working in analog or digital modes. RUNs log voice and data information from two-way radios to the embedded memory. The logged information can be reviewed on a per node basis or archived to the centralized vault.


Radionect Dispatch Consoles

Software tools or specifically tailored hardware appliances for real-time communications over remote and geographically dispersed two-way radio networks. Dispatchers and supervisors from their working locations can monitor and call radio channels, send and receive radio text messages, increase situational awareness by observing current locations of vehicles and personnel on digital maps in case of GPS-enabled radios in the field and receiving alarms from radio users in case of incidents.


Radionect Archiving Server

Centralized vault for keeping voice and data messages, which are transmitted over two-way radios and handled by multiple Radionect Unified Nodes (RUNs). The historical archive vault is accessible by authorized users using standard internet browsers. The archived information can be searched by specific day and time, communication source, destination, type of messages, logging device, etc. If selected, voice calls can be replayed using a handy embedded web-player, which displays all associated

information such as time, identifiers of talking and destination parties and if available, last known Global Positioning System (GPS) locations of talkers. If authorized, the users can download audio files of selected voice calls for further analysis or handling.

Manufacturer information

DAN Communications is a dynamic IT and telecommunications company, providing the customers with innovative and integrated turn-key projects for more than 25 years in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

 We employ a diverse team of highly skilled professionals, including Network Engineers, Project Managers and

DAN Communications has a proven track record for the development of complex integrated systems for mission critical networks and communication solutions including project management and delivery of critical infrastructure for national security and defense organizations.


Main focus areas: 

  • Radio Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • HLS & Defense
  • Mission Critical Networks
  • Application Development & Software Integration