Special application gensets (30-80 kWe)


·         Power range: 30-80 kWe

·         Compliance with required ratings at an altitude of 3000 m

·         Operation temperature range -30+50°C or other specified

·         Housing design without 90 degree angles

·         470-530 HBW steel (thickness 4 mm)

·         Color: NATO Green RAL 6031 (F9) or other specified

·         Corrosion resistance over 15 years (Corrosivity category C5-M)

·         Sound insulation: 65 dBA at 7 m

·         Three different heating  systems for engine and switchboard

·         Custom trailer with pneumatic brakes

·         Trailer clearance 340 mm

·         Height-adjustable coupling mechanism 0,48 – 1,1 m

·         Parallel operation with other genset(s) and/or mains

·         Possibility of transportation by all modes of transport  

·         Grounding equipment set with cable

·         Downward exhaust system

·         Doors equipped with gas springs and handles with locks

·         Additional external (mobile) distribution panels, cables and cable reels, fuel canisters, fire extinguishers of different types, exhaust pipes, spare parts and tools boxes placed in special compartments

·         Other options depending on Technical specification

·         Min. dimensions:   6256 x 2365 x 2465(H) mm;

·         Max. dimensions:  6584 x 2365 x 2570(H) mm;

·         Approx. weight (depending on the model and scope of supply):5000–6000 kg

Fuel tank

·         Double walled

·         Electric & manual refueling pump

·         Special fuel type engine preheater

Control panel

·         IP 65 protection

·         Heating for operation under low temperatures

Mobile distribution box(es)

·         IP65 protection

·         Sockets and plugs protection – IP67, sockets with automatic fuses

Built-in cable reel

·         Cable length up to 50-100 m

·         Electric and manual drive


Manufacturer information

SIA "RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG" is an official OEM, specializing in design and production of gensets for various application.


Top class engines, such as DEUTZ, SCANIA, MITSUBISHI, PERKINS and BAUDOUIN  are used as components for the produced equipment.


The company operates in marine, industrial market segment as well as the defence sector.


In addition SIA "RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG" is an exclusive distributor for BAUDOUIN marine engines, DEUTZ engines and OXE outboards and products.