Management and cooperation

Latvijas Drošības un aizsardzības industriju federācija

We offer:

  • Examination of companies for the supply, maintenance, repair or improvement of MTL and technologies;
  • Market analysis for the industrial and research offerings;
  • Database of researchers and research infrastructure – laboratories, testing and verification options;
  • Recommendations on companies and research organisations;
  • Selection of foreign suppliers and involvement of local partners in technology transfers;
  • Organisation of the exchange of experience events;
  • Innovation support and project management;
  • Organisation of seminars and training courses;
  • Organisation of the third part audit and quality evaluation.

Manufacturer information

The Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia (FSDI Latvia) is the only organisation to represent the security and defence industry and science at the national and international level.  At the national level, the organisation actively partners with the Defence Ministry, Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Economics Ministry and Parliament.  At the international level, it represents the industry in the NATO Industry Advisor Group and the consulting structures of the European Defence Agency, also ensuring bilateral co-operation with relevant organisations abroad.  

FSDI Latvia has set up the Latvian Security and Defence Cluster (DAK) as part of the EU project No, “Establishment of the Latvian Security and Defence Cluster.”  The cluster involves small and medium companies and research institutions.  DAK goals include prerequisites for Latvian security and defence companies – successful participation in security and defence procurements in target markets to enhance export growth, partnerships with scientific institutions to increase the proportion of innovative products and services in terms of the industry’s offer in local and foreign markets, as well as enhanced productivity.