Membrane switches and graphic overlays


Graphic overlays are used in a wide variety of equipment and control panels. They provide technical and visual functionality and high abrasion resistance on a range of equipment types, including electronic equipment. SILMOR has a wide choice of materials and colours available.
Membrane switches control the operation of a wide variety of equipment and add to the visual impact for a user in an attractive and easily understandable form. SILMOR provides membrane switch technical and visual design, as well as production. We use only branded, certified materials in our manufacturing.


Manufacturer information

SILMOR - Your partner in industrial marking! Since 1995, we have used our professional experience to produce high quality aluminum (Metalphoto) and stainless-steel plates, membrane switches, graphic overlays, various types of technical labels, seals gaskets, insulators and 3D logoprints. We also offer laser engraving, silk-screen printing, large format printing and various cutting services. Quality is the fundamental principle of our work, which contributes to the continuous development and improvement of the company. We systematically inspect all manufacturing processes, materials and products to ensure the best result.