Zepcam Mobile Body Camera solutions

Security Advice International LLC

ZEPCAM T2+ Bodycam

Capture video, audio and GPS with the ZEPCAM robust body camera with superior vide quality, secure storage and unique video management features

  • Up to 12 hours battery life
  • Superior Image Quality
  • 64GB device storage
  • Latest AES256 security standard

Smart Docking Stations

The only docking station commercially available today with integrated SSD storage capacity. Enables data buffering for network capacity optimalization. Allows fast and economic bodycam battery recharging.

  • 4 or 8 bay
  • 4 hours charging time
  • Gigabit ethernet to server
  • SSD storage to allow data buffering
  • Dynamic User ID for pooled based bodycam use
  • Latest AES 256 security standars
  • automated dowload to server


ZEPCAM starter Package now for € 1599,00 ( excl VAT)

  • ZEPCAM T2+ Body Camera
  • 4-bay ZEPCAM dockingstation
  • Magnet mount with tilt Studs
  • ZEPCAM Manager software for video, user, device and storage management
  • Cloud licenses for data storage and management of all our body camera's remotely
  • 30 minnutes online user instruction by ZEPCAM product specialist


Manufacturer information

SAI’s primary goal is to provide customers with advice or solutions on how technology can be applied in security concepts in access control and community APP's and Training. SAI strongly believes in “connecting the dots”. That means that security software should be able to correlate a range of sensors to get a near real time operational picture. “What the hell is going on !” The founder of SAI has extensive experience as he was the National Projectmanager ALPR and the driving force behind the National Sensing Field-Lab of the Dutch National Police and has 46 years of experience in Law Enforcement. On request of the customer SAI will do a security scan on the case of interest and will give an advice and/or solution. Based on his knowledge of the products and relationships with multiple manufacturers. https://www.securityadviceinternational.com