This e-catalog in Latvian and English provides an opportunity for Latvian public sector and potential international clients to get acquainted with the local suppliers. The aim of the e-catalog is to raise awareness among stakeholders about the availability of products and services and the visibility of companies.

The catalog is maintained by the Latvian Federation of Security and Defense Industries (FSDI Latvia), established in the spring of 2013 and involves a wide range of economic sectors, leading universities, and research institutes that have been established at educational and research institutions.  FSDI Latvia is the only national organisation which represents companies in the security and defence sector, as well as universities. FSDI Latvia have been chosen as a partner by Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.  FSDI Latvia actively partners with government institutions, international organisations, as well as business organisations from various sectors in Latvia and abroad – those which see new prospects in the security and defence sector.

From 2017, the Federation is implementing the European Union Fund project No. / 16 / A / 001 “Establishment of the Latvian Security and Defense Cluster”. The cluster creates preconditions for the successful work of Cluster members in local and external target markets. The cluster strengthens cooperation with educational institutions and research institutions to create preconditions for the development of high value-added, innovative products according to the needs of Latvia, international organizations and target markets. The cluster organizes meetings with potential partners, product presentations in Latvia and abroad, performs in-depth analysis of security and defense industry demand and supply. The cluster improves the availability and circulation of information, activates cooperation with potential partners. The cluster carries out research into the purchasing systems of the most important target markets, ensuring the transfer of knowledge to its participants.