Step 1-Registration
Company initial registration is underĀ
By filling in and sending all the required properties, the administrator will confirm or contact you within 24 hours to request additional information.
The confirmation of successful registration is sent to your e-mail.

Step 2-acceding to and further information
After confirming your registration, you can use the full catalog functionality;
During the first login, we ask you to add information about the company represented. You can do this in the "User Profile" section.
In the "User Profile" section you can correct and add company information, add logos and communication properties. In the bottom part of this section you will also find the company's bid management module, which will display the quotations and statuses in the list.

Step 3-Preparing and publishing offers
Using the Offer management module, you can create new offers by designing descriptions in the relevant information entry fields and adding informative images. The input of descriptive information is provided in the Latvian and English languages in one place.
After saving the quote, it will be displayed in the list of management modules with the status "Pending approval". After the administrator has been checked, the offer is published for which you will receive an appropriate email notification;
In case of replenishment and repair of tenders, they will be published immediately after their re-examination.