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  1. Safety signs

    Safety, warning, prohibitive, administrative, fire-prevention, COVID info, evacuation, first aid, dangerous substances and other informative indoor and outdoor signs inform about risks and help reducing them. Signs are manufactured according to IS...

  2. Printing on various surfaces

    Due to wide range of technological options, SILMOR can provide direct printing on various surfaces and materials: on even planes, folded bodies, boxes, objects, on plastic, metal, cardboard, glass, wood, and fiber materials.


    HESCO BASTIONS - one of the most well-known brands in the world, which manufactures protective structures. HESCO BASTIONS have become the most popular means used effectively in military, humanitarian and civilian operations to protect people, infr...

  4. FITS | Future Intelligent ...

    FITS (Future Intelligent Transportation System) is an Articial Intelligence-based centralized and vendor-independent solution.

    Take a look at the FITS leaflet!