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  1. Safety signs

    Safety, warning, prohibitive, administrative, fire-prevention, COVID info, evacuation, first aid, dangerous substances and other informative indoor and outdoor signs inform about risks and help reducing them. Signs are manufactured according to IS...

  2. Floodlighting

    Floodlights intended for lighting large areas, the maximum power of the largest floodlight is 700W

  3. Anti-spall coating PX-2100

    PAXCON Spall Lining - PX-2100 is a spray applied coating that absorbs the impact from projectiles preventing both the projectile and the armoured plating from creating spall.

  4. Ballistic coating for bomb ...

    Known in military and research circles as an Energy Resistant Coating (ERC), PAXCON coating is flexible, yet stronger than steel. This means that walls outfitted with the unique PAXCON coating can withstand explosions up to 20 times greater than a...

  5. Special security solutions

    In parallel to the traditional – security, video surveillance, access, fire safety, and other security systems – we also offer special security solutions that are specifically and especially significant for strategically important facilities. 

  6. Integrated security systems

    Strategically important facilities have significantly higher requirements for technical security systems than in an average building. It is possible to realise these with the help of integrated security systems, combining security systems, buildin...

  7. Generator rental

    Generators designed to ensure power supply in case of main power source is disconnected or unavailable. Our rental equipment consists of generators with power from 12kW to 360kW. The wide range of equipment enables the customer to adjust the optim...

  8. Inflatable Structures

    Aviatema Equipment inflatable structures for commercial/military aircraft maintenance,  military personel training, equipment storage room, emergency response facilities, etc.

  9. Fire safety system design

    BSAFETY provides fire safety and security and video surveilcance system designs

    including fire pump, sprinklers.