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  1. Machine Translation for Safety ...

    Tilde MT (Machinery translation) technologies based on artificial intelligence provide high-quality translation  for defence related institutions and provide a safe environment for confidential translations.

  2. Software for mobile and ...

    Core functionality of SKUDRA includes:

    1. Spectrum scanning
    2. Automatic signal detection
    3. Measurement data aggregation
    4. Accumulated colour coded spectrum
    5. Essential information at once
    6. Spectrum user identification
    7. Time plots
    8. Long term storage


    POWER CONVERTER 50Hz to 60Hz or 60Hz to 50Hz


    ELX33 series three phase Power Converter offers advanced technology that increase performance and reliability:

    three high speed DSPs with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power s...

  4. FLEXStor: mērogojama augstas veiktspējas ...

    FLEXStor ir “viss vienā” jeb hiperkonverģētas infrastruktūras risinājums, kurā ietilpst klasterēta skaitļošanas platforma, programmdefinēta datu glabātuve un virtualizācija.

  5. Meeting Minutes Recording Solution ...

    TIX is a meeting minutes solution that combines audio and written meeting minutes advantages, while being platform independant and user friendly. TIX allows to do audio meeting minutes in real time and to generate an interactive PDF file with audi...

  6. Event Management System

    The Event Management System ensures the effective and secure exchange of information between users and devices, ensuring the opportunity to make use of decentralized information for missions of a variety of type and scope.

  7. Spectrum Compact

    Spectrum Analyzer -

    Pioneering tool to revolutionize work
    of microwave radio field engineer