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  1. Mobile tactical training camp

    The mobile tactical training camp converts into a portable pull-up rack and Olympic Lifting Stand with monkey bars and dip bars - it has room to carry battle ropes, bodyweight straps, rings, and a variety of other fitness accessories for making a ...

  2. Forged magnesium and aluminum ...

    SMW proprietary alloy is the improved version of the 6151 alloy, which is almost 10% stronger than a standard commonly used 6061 alloy.

  3. Trauma Simulator

    Exonicus Trauma Simulator is a virtual reality emergency training simulator that helps train critical life saving decision making skills in a safe environment.

  4. Special application gensets (30-80 ...

    RIGAS DIZELIS DG specializes in designing and production of highly efficient, robust and reliable diesel generating sets for military applications. Having its own design bureau company is able to develop non-standard equipment solutions. Gensets a...

  5. Event Management System

    The Event Management System ensures the effective and secure exchange of information between users and devices, ensuring the opportunity to make use of decentralized information for missions of a variety of type and scope.

  6. AIRO hot air pellet ...

    GRANDEG AIRO.-It’s meant for warehouses, manufactures and other areas in need of a simple yet efficient plug&play heating solution. The AIRO series pellet heating boilers are easy to install and move, and the hot air flow quickly heats up any ...

  7. Element Fitness Training Lockers

    Element Fitness Training Lockers are standard shipping containers custom-fabricated to anchor Element Fitness training rigs and store the equipment necessary to create world-class multi-modality training fitness centers.

  8. Spectrum Compact

    Spectrum Analyzer -

    Pioneering tool to revolutionize work
    of microwave radio field engineer




    10 Gbps wireless fiber solution
    specifically tailored for dense
    urban deployment

  10. Integra-X

    Native XPIC Full-Outdoor Radio with Dual-core system for 5G network